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Applying your stoma pouch

Practical tips on how to apply your stoma bag

Healthcare Professionals

Once you’re ready to change and apply your stoma bag, use the “up and over” technique.

  • Remove the backing paper, almost fold the flange forwards in half and starting at the bottom of the flange and stoma edge, stick the flange to the skin, bringing it up and over the stoma.
  • Once the stoma pouch is in place, run your fingers around the edge to check for any creases or folds.
  • You can then place your hand over the stoma pouch for 30 seconds and the heat from the hand helps the stoma pouch adhere and conform to the body shape.
  • NB: this technique is easier to demonstrate than to describe, so if in doubt contact your healthcare professional for guidance.

How to best fit a stoma bag

Applying a stoma pouch may be easier if the flange is warmed slightly. Try holding it between your hands for a short while to bring it to body temperature before application.

Also, if you have wrinkles or folds in the skin around your stoma, try standing or changing position to stretch the skin as this will give you a better fit.

Changing your stoma pouch

Try to change your stoma pouch when your stoma is less active. It may take some time to get to know or recognise a pattern but it will help to make changing quicker and easier.

How to apply a stoma ring

A stoma ring or seal is often called a donut by ostomates. Rings or seals can vary in size and thickness and are used to infill uneven areas around the stoma, but are also used to protect the skin and help create a better seal on the bag.

Rings or seals can stretch to match the shape of the stoma. Your Stoma Nurse will recommend which seal will suit your needs if required. Once stretched to the correct size, the ring is applied to your skin around the stoma or onto the adhesive area of your bag before fitting it.

How to apply ostomy paste

Stoma paste fills any uneven areas or creases in the skin around the stoma. Stoma paste can also help seal the pouch correctly and protect the skin around the stoma.

The paste can be applied directly to the skin or the adhesive area on the bag. It can sometimes be challenging to apply the paste evenly, but if you wet your finger, it will stop the paste from sticking to it, and you can even it out before applying your bag.

Your Stoma Nurse will help identify if you need to use stoma paste and recommend which suits your needs.

Preventing skin sores

Your stomach bag must fit properly around your stoma to help prevent sore skin and reduce the possibility of leakage. Use the backing from the flange to check that the stoma pouch has been cut to the right size for you.

Cutting to size

If you need your stoma pouch cut to size, we can do this for you free of charge. Contact our Customer Service Advisors to arrange this on 0800 378 846.