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Common Ileostomy Problems

Ileostomy & Dehydration

Tiredness, leg cramps, thirst, light-headedness or headaches are common ileostomy dehydration symptoms – make sure you are drinking enough fluids for your
needs and following ileostomy dietary advice.

Ileostomy Stoma Blockage Symptoms

If the bowel motion from your stoma has stopped for longer than is usual or your stoma bag contains a lot of watery fluid, you could have a stoma blockage.

If the colour, amount and consistency of your bowel motion changes significantly or your stoma swells in size and becomes a deeper red colour, this could also indicate a blockage.

You should contact your doctor or specialist nurse if you feel unwell with stomach pains, nausea (feeling sick) or vomiting.

Ilesotomy Bag Leakage

Ileostomy bag leaks can occur for a variety of different reasons, which can include:

  • The ileostomy bag hole is too large – this needs to be a snug fit
  • The ileostomy bag is applied incorrectly – this can be due to creases in adhesive and abdominal skin behind the pouch. To combat this, the skin needs to be gently stretched; please read our practical tips for guidance on applying your stoma pouch for further guidance.
  • Skin is too moist – make sure the skin is dry before applying the stoma pouch
  • Stoma is in a dip or crease in the abdomen – try paste, washers or different pouches to help the adhesive gently conform to the body’s shape. Speak to your healthcare professional for advice.
  • Stoma is flat or retracted – you may need a stoma pouch with a convex flange.

Consult our Stoma FAQs or speak to your healthcare professional if you require further information, guidance or advice.