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SCI Healthcare Professionals

Fittleworth supports spinal cord injury nurses and SCI rehabilitation healthcare professionals in supporting spinal cord injury patients with free resources for SCI patients and free training for SCI healthcare professionals.

Our Dedicated Spinal Cord Injury Team

Our Navigator service includes free spinal cord injury support with a dedicated SCI customer care team to provide advice and support to people living with a spinal cord injury.

The exemplary levels of care we provide are highlighted by healthcare professionals having referred over 700 patients to our service from all spinal injury units from across the UK; you can rely on us to provide the levels of care your patient deserves.

This is complemented by specialist spinal cord injury bladder and bowel management medical supplies, including stoma bags and catheters, delivered directly and discreetly to your client’s door.

Free Resources for SCI Patients

Our free support programmes for spinal cord injury patients include:

Free Training for SCI Nurses

Our free training for healthcare professionals is designed for spinal cord injury nurses and SCI rehabilitation healthcare professionals to support patients.

"Can I just give a big shout out to one of your colleagues Anthony – who was fantastic on the phone sorting out a problem for one of our patients.   Please send this on to who needs to know."  

Nurse review, March 2023