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Healthcare Professionals

Fittleworth is a NHS dispensing appliance service providing free patient support and free training including Mindfulness and Intermittent Self Catheterisation for Ostomy, Urology and Spinal Cord Injury healthcare professionals.

Free Support for Healthcare Professionals

Fittleworth provides free patient support programmes for ostomy, urology and SCI nurses.

Free Training for Healthcare Professionals

Our free training for healthcare professionals includes:

NHS Dispensing Appliance Contractor Services

  • Free dispensing appliance contractor (DAC) home delivery service for patients
  • Trusted to deliver over 50,000 stoma, continence, tracheostomy and laryngectomy care supplies orders every month
  • Ostomy, Continence, Urology, Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy supplies tailored to your patient
  • Over 9,000 products from all leading healthcare brands accessible through Fittleworth
  • Register new patients online 24/7/365
  • Register new patients by phone 6 days a week
  • Dedicated Company Nurse Support Team
  • CQC Registered Specialists in Ostomy, Urology, Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy
  • Free Fittleworth Patient Support Services for registered patients
  • Our Fittleworth Customer Care Team welcomes all new patients personally to ensure your patients are equipped with the products they need when they come home from hospital.
  • Our Fittleworth Dispensing Team customise your patients’ stoma products to the precise cutting and fit requirements they need.
  • Our 38 care dispensing centres across the UK means our deliveries are guaranteed, whatever the weather

"Can I just give a big shout out to one of your colleagues Anthony – who was fantastic on the phone sorting out a problem for one of our patients.   Please send this on to who needs to know."  

Nurse review, March 2023