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Hi everyone at Fittleworth,

I want to say an enormous thank you for continuing to provide me and others with the stoma bags. Your work and care to keep me well and comfortable is unprecedented. I know you must be exhausted and scarred and so so busy I needed you to know I do not take you for granted and I feel very privilege that you care so much to help me stay well. I wish you all good health through these times and don’t forget to look after yourselves first.

Thank you so very much.”

Client, March 2020

I just want to say a massive thank you to the lovely staff who managed to get my delivery out to me with very short notice.

Due to my surgery not sending the prescription back it meant the order was processed at the last minute and put out for special delivery to be with me before 10 this morning as I was due to leave at 1 for a hospital appointment. It turned up about 15 minutes ago.

I am extremely grateful.

The staff at Fittleworth are always so friendly and helpful, just wish my doctors surgery could be more active to save you a lot of extra work.

Client, North West, March 2020

“I was tied to the house because of leaks. (FITTLEWORTH NURSE) sorted the problem straight away. I was dehydrated as well and she sorted that as well as the leaks. She has told me the signs of dehydration. My doctor didn’t recognise this.”

Client visited by Fittleworth Nurse, Feb 2020

Thank you for your email and thank very much for your help and support, you have been extremely helpful and caring, I would like to take my time out to write this email with a very positive review if you could please print this email or forward it to management, I really appreciate your help and we received the delivery, you were very efficient and helpful so thank you again

Client, North West, March 2020

“The support I have received has been the best. My inpatient care left a lot to be desired however (FITTLEWORTH NURSE) has provided excellent support during her visit today.”

Client visited by Fittleworth Nurse, Feb 2020

I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help with sorting out the supply of the new bags. I have received the box today, and do hope that they will prove to be worthy successors to the ones that I have been using for so many years. Once again thank you for your assistance which is greatly appreciated.

Client, South West, March 2020

“Impressive service with a lot of excellent advice and information.”

Client visited by Fittleworth Nurse, Feb 2020