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Our Patient Promise

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Our promise to you

We promise to deliver on time, wherever and whenever you need products, ensuring you always get the best possible service. We will never change your products without first discussing this with you and your healthcare professional, meaning you’ll receive products and accessories to meet your needs, every time you order.

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In respect of your privacy, our parcels are intentionally unbranded and anonymous. We also pride ourselves on knowing your individual needs. So whether it’s knowing where to leave your package when you are out, or text message when your order is due, we are here to deliver your prescription products the way you want them.*

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Investors in healthcare

Our service doesn’t stop with the support we provide to you. In fact, we are continually working to help the healthcare professionals who care for you, ensuring that you get the best possible service from your care team. This includes training, service support and a reporting system to help them keep track of your needs.

* Our delivery drivers always carry proof of identity with them.