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ISC Training

We are launching a new accredited training course for nurses that are looking to upskill themselves in administering ISC. We have developed a course that will give you the specialist skills required to give your ISC patients the support they require.

Accredited by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

This course has been accredited by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). This is a mark of quality and means the contents of the course has demonstrated commitment to the highest standards for continuous education for healthcare professionals. We are delighted to be aligned to the reputation that the Royal College of Nursing has.

Your Healthcare Professional Trainer

Tina Maddams, Nursing Services Manager for Fittleworth introduces the Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC) Training for Healthcare Professionals

You will learn the specialist skills required to articulate clearly to, advise and teach a patient:

  • The risks and benefits associated with ISC
  • The underlying indications for ISC
  • The anatomy and physiology/pathophysiology of the lower urinary tract
  • The measures required for infection prevention and control
  • The range of different catheters; types, sizes, individual characteristics
  • The ISC procedure for females & males
  • Awareness of potential complications
  • Recognise the indicators which would suggest the frequency for ISC
  • The risk and identification of UTI; signs, symptoms and action to be taken
  • The impact of ISC
  • Evaluation of patient progress and adjustments to management if required
  • Responsible use and ordering of equipment required

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