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Culture & Values

At Fittleworth our work has a reach beyond the immediate task that may be in front of us, it has a real impact on our clients’ lives and it directly contributes to their well-being.

Mother & daughter baking

This gives our work, whether it is cutting a stoma bag, taking an order or delivering a package, value, it makes it worthwhile.

The quality of the service we provide, and the care with which we go about it, depends on our staff’s dedication and integrity. We believe this comes from the culture of our business; we also believe this culture is an integral part of our success.

Our culture isn’t derived through pushing values or behaviours that the business wants to instil using shiny posters, pyramids or wheels. We believe it simply comes from the good things that our staff do innately and naturally every day; whether it is:

  • an individual act of kindness,
  • an example of going the extra mile,
  • an example of taking real pride in their work or
  • of showing genuine compassion for our customers

“Mr L called the customer service line. He was very nervous and apprehensive about ordering with Fittleworth. I reassured him and gained his confidence within the first call. Every client needs reassurance and empathy when calling us and I’m always there to help the client through the ordering process. Mr L will always call Fittleworth and ask to speak to me to place orders and have a catch up. “

Fittleworth Customer Services Advisor

We believe the frequency and the naturally selfless way these things happen within our business make Fittleworth very special. We call this “The Fittleworth Way”.

The Fittleworth Way

Dedication: Going the extra mile: simply what we do

Caring: Showing genuine compassion for the needs of our customers and respect for each other

Integrity: Taking personal responsibility for the service that we provide

Quality: Having pride in our work, knowing that it’s the little things we do that make a real difference to our customers

Not only do our recent employee survey results confirm that The Fittleworth Way is genuine but we also won a prestigious CIPD People Management Award for the work we have undertaken around our culture.

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