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Everyday Living

There are lots of people who experience bladder problems for a variety of reasons. This should not stop you living a full and normal life.

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Practising good hand hygiene by washing hands before and after touching equipment is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of germs which may cause infection. Clean the catheter entry site with mild soap and water or wipes that do not contain alcohol. The indwelling catheter entry site should be washed twice a day using mild soap and water. Creams and talcum powder should be avoided as they can affect the material of the catheter or may cause clogging.

Travel advice

The key is to plan ahead and take enough supplies with you.

If travelling abroad, check with your airline before travelling for advice on carrying medical products, as some airlines will allow an extra luggage allowance. Please be aware that some airlines may require a current prescription or doctor’s letter to confirm the product is prescribed to the named person. Also, when packing, remember to split products between your hand and hold luggage, just in case one of them gets lost.

You can request a Fittleworth travel certificate by giving us a call on 0800 378 846. This certifies that the person named on the certificate has a medical condition which makes it necessary for them to use and carry medical devices.

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