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“I am calling regarding my father in law. I was regularly in contact with your company after his stoma operation in August 2019.

The reason for my email was to ask for this message to be passed around the people that I would have dealt with – to say thank you.

Every time I called, every person I spoke to was helpful, efficient, friendly and caring.  Because there was often a delay in getting the prescriptions, you still would send out an emergency order if needed. We were also relieved that whenever Fittleworth said there was an order due, we knew it would turn up.

I realise that you deal with your customers on the phone and therefore don’t have the direct contact with them but the way that you all helped him by making the process efficient and reliable meant that he could maintain a decent quality of life.

I would be grateful if you can ensure that the relevant people see this.

On behalf of the whole family, I thank you.”

Client, June 2020