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Top Tips for Reconnection

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One of the biggest challenges with loneliness and isolation is finding the confidence to take that first step.

Many people do not realise that there is actually a wealth of support out there for them.

However, not everyone feels confident enough to ask for help. If you are not ready to contact someone then there are still lots of things that you can put into practice that could help you build connection.


What hobbies have you enjoyed in the past? Would you like to revisit that hobby? What are the barriers to you enjoying that hobby in the next couple of months? How could you look at breaking those barriers down?

Finding a hobby is a great way of meeting like-minded people and expanding the influence of your day-to-day life.

Small Steps

Change is often scary. When you are thinking about making a change in your life then it is always important to focus on small steps. What are the small things that you can do this week to start to build connection again? It may be something as simple as starting a conversation in your local shop or going for a walk in a new area.

Given that change is often overwhelming, give yourself the chance to succeed by starting small.


The art of writing with a pen and paper is often lost but it can be a very powerful tool to expressing your feelings without judgement. Why not think about three things that you are grateful for and write these down at the start of each day? Alternatively, you could start to make a plan of the things you want to accomplish over the next 3 months to find connection.

The way that we talk to ourselves has a big impact on our confidence. Getting thoughts down onto paper will often shine a light on our internal voice and we can slowly start to change the way we think and our attitude to loneliness.