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Fittleworth Reachout – 6th Edition

A hello from AndyFriendly advice

Dear Fittleworth customers,

Not much time has passed since my last message, but I wanted to reach out to you in these ever-changing times.

As I write to you today, we have seen further measures put in place for England, Wales, and Scotland to manage the rise in COVID-19 cases. I hope that you,  our family,  and your friends are safe and well. At Fittleworth we  know how important it is to  be diligent and follow the  guidance provided by the
government, to ensure we can continue to provide a first-class service. We  have worked hard to ensure Fittleworth can claim a COVID SECURE status. We need to protect ourselves, our colleagues, and most importantly you, our customers. We recognise, as I am sure you all do, that complacency is our enemy in this new way of life. I hope that during the last 6 months you have  continued to experience a high-quality service level and could rely on us to deliver your prescriptions.

I also want to reassure you that whatever may occur, in the coming weeks and months as we enter winter, that Fittleworth is in a  stronger position than ever. From our stock holdings to our processing and delivery systems, we are ready to take your order today. I say this because we do have customers who understandably express concerns about the security of their supply. I wanted to reassure anyone that may be worried in light of the recent increase of cases and assure you there is no need to add more product to your order in the coming months. We are secure in our supply to you. If you do have any concerns, I would encourage you to speak to our customer service team.

Please stay safe.

Kind regards, Andy


We welcome feedback

We are committed to providing the highest nursing Team will support you while the circumstances care and home delivery service. If you wish to make of your complaint are investigated. Our internal a complaint or send in a compliment regarding complaints and clinical incident policy follows NHS the nursing care or service we would welcome the feedback. This helps us to continually improve the quality of the service we offer. Any complaints or comments will be treated sensitively and impartially.

Please contact us on 0800 378 846 (Scotland: 0800 783 7148) or if you prefer you can email us on caring@fittleworth.com. Our Clinical Governance and CQC guidelines.

An initial acknowledgement of your complaint will be received within 2 working days, and a written response following a thorough investigation will be sent within 10 working days via email or post.
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Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you.
If there is something urgent, here’s how you can get hold of us:

Contact us now Freepost FITTLEWORTH

on FREEPHONE UK: 0800 378 846

Scotland: 0800 783 7148 caring@fittleworth.com

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